Advanced Group Investments is a premier provider of global investment strategies in real estate, commodities and traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. Advanced Group Investments has sought to better serve clients by anticipating and responding to changes and advancements in the investment industry, and continually seeks to broaden and deepen its investment capabilities. To deliver creative solutions to the current investment challenges, Advanced Group Investments has long focused on a cross-disciplinary method of investing in which clients benefit from pooled expertise of the firm’s resources. The firm believes in having a true diversified portfolio which includes traditional investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds as well as commodities and real estate investments.

As a team, we pool our expertise, skills and experience together to serve our mutual clients. Our firm has access to all public financial products and services, and our core services are: residential real estate, commercial real estate, commodities, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Our goal as a company is help our clients create diversified investment plans that address multiple types of investments. You, not the financial products, are the center of our practice, and we build our client base from recommendations, and we believe the only way to achieve that is to put your best interests first on our list. We are not perfect, and we ask for your help to give us feedback, so we can improve ourselves and our services to you.

Investment Philosophy and Strategy

• We focus on both value investing and momentum investing. We are extremely familiar with all the aspects of the high-tech industry.

• We have a team who is very familiar with residential and commercial real estate investments. We may invest in distressed properties in order to maximize returns for our clients.

• We watch the global economical trend and keep close contacts with the global financial community. We diversify into the emerging market to maximize return and reduce risks.

• We maintain a large part of our capital in mid-cap high-tech companies. We may invest in distressed companies that involve special situation. We make adjustments based on market conditions and investment goal.

• We apply a common-sense approach combined with quantitative analysis.

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