Advanced Group Investments goal is to help families become financially free by using different investment vehicles.


With Advanced Group Investments, it is more than just saving money; it is about how to maximize tax savings with a tailored portfolio specifically designed to fit your needs. We can access all public retirement planning financial products (such as, IRAs, 401Ks, and Annuities) and through these vehicles, structure a plan that will provide the future your family desires.

Our team of Financial Professionals here at Advanced Group Investments weigh their portfolio structuring heavily on two critical elements in successful retirement planning:

1. Time
2. Compound Interest Rate

Common Questions:

1. When should I withdraw money from my 401K, IRAs?
2. Is there a financial vehicle that can secure my assets and generate stable interest income monthly?
3. Should I consolidate my retirement accounts?
4. Which type of IRA is the best? Am I qualified?
5. I already maximize my 401K, what should I do next to maximize my tax saving?

Asset Management

Advanced Group Investments can help you better manage your money than if you put it in a bank. There are various financial vehicles for you to temporarily maneuver your money or make a mid-term investment. There are many different categories in which you can invest your money and diversify your portfolio. The chart below depicts a very brief example of some different sectors in which to diversify your portfolio:

Common Questions:

1. I need cash for my business from time to time, is there a better place than the bank to park my money?
2. I have a lump sum of money that I may need to use at any time, so what would be the best vehicle to use?
3. Are there financial products from which I can earn tax-free interest and dividends?
4. How can I diversify my portfolio and make it grow in the long run if I don't have to follow the market?

College Savings

Start early! Our professionals can assist you to choose the most appropriate financial product to fulfill your dream for the next generation. Again, START EARLY! You can take advantage of tax benefits by investing into education IRA or 529 plans. In short, earnings in such accounts are tax free if they are used for higher education, such as a four-year college. There are limits on tax-free benefits, so please check with tax advisors for details.

Common Questions:

1. Will education IRA and 529 affect my child's financial aid?
2. I am not sure if my child will go to college or not, so what should I do?
3. What if my child received a scholarship and doesn't need to use saving in the 529 account?

Mutual Funds

Advanced Group Investments has direct access to all public mutual funds to meet your investment strategies and needs. There are both loaded and no-load funds. Our financial advisors can assist you to choose the right ones for you. As always, we put your goals and best interests first before everything else.

Common Questions:

1. There are A, B, C classes of mutual funds, so what are differences among them?
2. Is there guaranteed return in mutual fund investment?
3. Do I need to pay extra expenses if I purchase mutual funds through a financial advisor?
4. What's a financial advisor's role in a mutual fund portfolio?

Managed Accounts

After careful analysis of your needs and goals, we put together a specific strategy to secure a long-term growth for your assets. In this type of account, you can have a combination of investment vehicles, such as mutual funds, individual stocks, individual bonds, CDs, and more.

Please contact one of our Financial Professionals for further information and to begin planning for your future!


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