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Advanced Group Investments launched a new cutting edge social networking website for investors called AGI Club

Pleasanton, California, August 25, 2009--Advanced Group Investments, Inc. (AGI) has launched a new cutting edge social networking website for investors that is called AGI Club and the website address is http://www.myagiclub.com. AGI is a premier provider of global investment strategies in real estate, commodities and traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

AGI Club is a brand new website created for Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Professionals, Financial Investors and Financial Professionals. AGI Club strives to provide World Class Investment Education and Networking through a Global Online Capacity to bring together both Investors and Investment Professionals.

The website has been created as a social networking site that will allow users to have a Socially Dynamic Profile, thus allowing users to build their own Global Investor Network, and gain access to a comprehensive library of educational audio and video downloads. Members will also have the ability to upload their own video and audio files to share with other members in the community.

Matthew Hodgen, VP of Sales of AGI says, “Personally I have wanted an investment community like this for years! AGI Club will quickly become a dominant community and home to the world’s foremost education and investor networking.  I am a very passionate about surrounding myself with the highest quality investors and professionals, and AGI Club will successfully provide the same capacity for each and every member on our site. I encourage you to take a moment to browse through the website and see what may be in store for you!”

AGI Club members will have access to world renowned speakers, unlimited audio and video downloads, financial tools, full access to a Global Investor Network, posting blogs, posting and viewing comments, as well as access to a dynamic bookstore. Our members will have the ability to share ideas with their friends and other members in the network.

To learn more about Advanced Group Investments Club please visit www.myagiclub.com .

Contact: Neetsey Roehm
Telephone: 925-846-2582
Email: neetsey@myagiclub.com

About Advanced Group Investments Club:

Advance Group Investment Club (AGI Club) is a Global Online Investment Community. AGI Club is a combination of Financial Education, Innovative Tools, Audio downloads, Video downloads, E- books and many more.  AGI Club is the first TRUE online investment community website on the planet that would appeal to Real Estate Investors, Stock Investors, Real Estate Professionals, and Financial Professionals. We are a diverse workforce which is eager to help Investors through our educational information from our community.  In a world of abundant information and countless investments, AGI Club strives to offer the world’s foremost intelligence and education, and provide an open environment for all to network, learn and grow!  Our “By Professionals, For Professionals“ mantra will ensure that you are provided with leading cutting edge tools, access to the right education and a network of like minded investors and professionals.  “Together we can Learn Intelligently and Invest Wisely.”

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